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The immuno-oncology approach leverages on the unique capability of the immune system to recognize and kill tumour cells. This action is hampered by escape mechanisms put in place by tumour cells like, for instance, the engagement immune checkpoints, i.e. inhibitory molecules that modulate the...

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This is one of our "Foundations" type courses, providing a systematic and detailed review of fundamental concepts and techniques in Biostatistics. Participants can expect to go through a set of exercises that are based on biomedical problems. These exercises are preceded by short lectures that...

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The HPC-UGent team is organising an OpenFOAM user meeting, where research groups using the popular open source CFD software on the VSC infrastructure can showcase their work, and collaborate on best practices for using it on HPC clusters. More details are available at...

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This course is organised in collaboration with Dr. J.T. den Dunnen, Human Genetics & Clinical Genetics, LUMC, Leiden Aim of the course: DNA sequencing, incl. NGS, is a standard technology used in most modern laboratories. When the focus is on… The post Variant effect prediction appeared first...

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